An activist in Belarus registered his parrot as a candidate in a local council election, it appears. Kanstantsin Zhukouski presented a photoshopped identity document for his pet, Yasha, to the Mazur electoral commission, the Belapan news agency reports.

The commission accepted the document, and processed an application to set up an associated campaign group. Mr Zhukouski - who said he wanted to highlight the futility of Belarusian politics - immediately withdrew the documents, possibly in a bid to avoid a penalty. But he went on to tell Belapan that Yasha, who has "long dreamed of being a councillor", had shown up the electoral process.

The activist said his parrot's campaign slogans: "Where's the money?" and "I want to go to the council chamber", were the only things local councillors needed to know. The parrot pulled out because "being a regional councillor isn't very prestigious", Mr Zhukouski claimed.

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