Brian Weke has been named  among Nairobi's hottest bachelors

Bachelors are said to be the kind of guys who never make the same mistake, twice.

Others, mostly the unhappily married, say that a bachelor’s life is a “fine breakfast, fat lunch and miserable dinner.”

A graduating bachelor has thus, two bachelors: himself and the certificate. Some in this category are said to have ‘Bachelor of Arts’: they can make a bevy of cuties feel like women and yet have the art to remain single-and without a pending case at the Children’s Court about upkeep for the tots.

Indeed, bachelors, more so the breed “loaded like a gun” with the right residential addresses, rides, genetics, brains and social positions attract all manner of curiosity from the aforementioned, miserably hitched.

While haters say marrying an old bachelor is like acquiring second-hand furniture, still many Nairobi lasses have envied, wished and dreamt of tricking these men to go down on bended knee and troop with them down memory Lane.

Here are Nairobi’s Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelors: 

Brian Weke

He is a children’s rights activist and was political aspirant for the Kamukunji Parliamentary seat in the last General Elections.

Brian Weke, the former tout, is not only said to be a looker in that department, but also outgoing. He is mostly in the company of his cousin Daniel Peter when not occasionally hanging out with Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and rapper Prezzo (Jackson Makini Ngechu).

 Weke loves beauty that has something between the wig, weave, cornrows or coiffed hairdo. Just why all the women he’s dated have been “Learned Friends”.

Though still in the market, Brian Weke is currently in a very steady relationship with, you guessed it, a lady lawyer. Indeed, the only non-lawyer is the baby mama of his 11-year old daughter.

MacDonald Mariga

Kenya’s man on loan to Italian soccer club Parma from Inter Milan trousers an annual salary of Sh77million (700,000 Euros) before bonuses and sponsorships.

  Flashy ‘Big Mac,’ who got in trouble with authorities last year over his customised number plates that read ‘MARIGA 17’, has invested in real estate.  MacDonald Mariga’s love life interested many earlier this year when he broke up with his longtime fiancé Ariane Umutoni, a Rwandese.

 Ariane moved out of the home they shared in Ngong. The locks were changed pronto. Ariane had to also return keys for the car Mariga had given her. She has since moved to Rwanda.

Apparently the couple had an exchange on Facebook shortly after her eviction from the Ngong residence. Mariga who currently plays for Parma FC had even travelled to Rwanda for a traditional wedding ceremony that never was.

Mariga was linked to a different woman who works in a local embassy. It is said the Wanyama family recommended her as the ideal wife material.

Dennis Oliech


The striker earns an annual salary of Sh91 million (828,000 Euros) according to his French Ligue 1 club, Ajaccio. We haven’t included bonuses and sponsorships and cash incentives for winning matches.

The former Harambee Star’s captain has invested his soccer windfall in real estate, catering, entertainment and transport.

Fishbone Entertainment that has sponsored several reggae gigs in Nairobi is run by Oliech’s brothers, with him as the bankroller behind the scenes.

Given that the highest paid Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Kenya earns Sh3.9 million according to a recent Price water house Coopers National Human Resources Survey, Oliech’s monthly salary would amount to Sh7.6m a month and thus almost twice the salary of the highest paid CEO in the land. Oliech is also a conscious fashionista. He once spent Sh600, 000 on a jacket and shoes. See, women love men with a fashion sense.

 Dennis Oliech is attracted to famous women, mostly musicians, media personalities and socialites. From Nipe song rapper Meg C (Margaret Numa) to socialite Ruxana Wanjiku.  Some like Stacy Pendo even sensationally claimed that she was pregnant and aborted Oliech’s child after he denied dating her.  Women love the footballer not only for his fame and bad boy image but also for his mullah.

Oliech is currently dating KTN’s reporter Charity Kimani.

Peter Nduati

He is the CEO of Resolution Health, Kenya’s second largest health insurance provider. The rugby buff and music promoter has sold 27 per cent of his stake to private equity firms in a deal estimated at Sh300 million. Peter Nduati still owns 25 per cent of the company. He is recognised for having opened up medical coverage for people living with HIV/AIDS. As the founder of PineCreek Records, he has been instrumental in tapping budding musical talent and turning it to East Africa’s superstars. The record label has in its stable well-known crooners like Didge (Max Nyatome), Atemi Oyungu and Sheila Mwanyigha. PineCreek has become a stable for other budding artistes like Wendy Kimani. He once spent Sh2 million to master the best before releasing an artiste’s CD.

And by the way PineCreek was a name Nduati picked from the back of his child’s school bag!  He mortgaged his house to start Resolution Health and that gradually chipped his marriage from which he is currently separated from his wife. Affable Nduati is spotted with various female company but none of them has confirmed being attached to him.

Victor Wanyama

The first Kenyan to play in English Premier League has been linked to Oya musician Victoria Kimani, Kenya’s first female singer on the Chocolate City label. Victor Wanyama, who turns up for Southampton once flew from Glasgow, Scotland (where he was playing for Celtic FC) for Victoria’s video launch in May.

They were also spotted in England together, with photo evidence making its way online.

The Kenyan International football star did not fathom the kind of hefty expenses he would incur maintaining his celebrity girlfriend.

Although Victor claims that they are just friends with the sister of rapper Bamboo, the pair was speculated to have broken up because Wanyama “could not afford Victoria’s life style.” This is ironical as the 21-year old footballer pockets hundreds of millions of shillings a year.

In fact, Wanyama was sold by Celtic for £12.5 million (Sh1.7 billion) making him the club’s most expensive sale in its 126 year history.

Michael Okwiri

Airtel Africa’s Vice President for corporate communications loves high society women. He is now dating former Miss Tourism Kenya, Debra Sanaipei. The two are set to tie the knot come next April.  

The high society wedding plans have already been finalised, the location has not yet been disclosed but the only thing we are sure of is that the Who is who in the corporate and political scene are on the ‘A’ List. Sanaipei is the daughter of former Heritage Minister, William Ole Ntimama. She is also the most popular Miss Tourism so far, since 2001. Before Debra, Mike was linked to former Prime minister’s daughter Rosemary Odinga. The two are said to have gone out until February this year. In fact when Rosemary’s baby bump became visible, most people speculated that Okwiri had put her in the family way.  Our moles, however, confirm that he is not as they had broken up prior to Rosemary getting paged. Okwiri was previously linked to Caroline Ongeri, daughter of politician Prof Sam Ongeri.

Donald Kipkorir

 The high profile lawyer has represented top politicians like the former President Daniel arap Moi, former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and most recently former Registrar of Judiciary Gladys Shollei. Donald goes for the finest things in life. He once spent Sh1 million on his birthday at Tamarind Nairobi. That is besides following Kenyan athletes on their various Grand Prix meets abroad. By the way, renovating the offices of KTK where he’s a partner called a whole newspaper advert to say as much!

And in July, Donald celebrated his birthday in Budapest, Hungary, with some of his close friends in attendance.

 Judging by the photos he posts on Facebook, Don is a high roller.  Some of his close friends include Former Turkana MP Ekwe Ethuro and fellow learned friend Evans Monari. When it comes to women, Don is known to have dated former Miss Kenya Yolanda Masinde in 2000. They dated for a while, going on whirlwind romance to South Africa before breaking up.

“Donald is a man of class. He only goes out with beautiful and high profile corporate women,” one of his close friends told The Nairobian.

Stanley Kamau

 It is very difficult to pin down Stanley to one woman. A senior bachelor bending his 40s, he has never introduced any woman to the public as potential wife material. Not even his friends know what type of woman he would settle for. In a previous interview with The Nairobian, The Ahadi Kenya CEO and anti-jigger campaigner said he was in a relationship with “God and his family.” This could have been attributed to a previous relationship which left him heartbroken. According to our sources, Stanley had paid bride price for a woman who left him in Dubai after shopping for their wedding. He also once told a local daily that women have made him do crazy things including quitting smoking and drinking.

Jomo Gecaga

 Jomo Gecaga is the Personal Assistant to President Uhuru and previously a First Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was once caught up in a scandal involving an older married woman. A senior official at the Office of the President once whispered to The Nairobian that President Uhuru wants to see Jomo settling down. When he was at Foreign Affairs, Jomo literary lived on the plane, globe-trotting with his suitcase! It was rumoured that ‘wazees’ were looking for a suitable bride for the former Etonian.

Zaheer Jhanda

Zaheer is good looking and wines and dines with top notch in Nairobi. Not much is known about him but the youthful politician who is interested in Nyaribari Chache constituency by elections in December changes cars with the frequency Kenyans surf free-to-air channels.

Zaheer, who lives in a leafy suburb, once dated Kitu Kimoja musician Avril.

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