Emmanuel Nii Adom aka Strika [Photo: Courtesy]

Ghanaian actor who starred in the Hollywood blockbuster 'Beasts of No Nation' now begs on the streets of Accra.

Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye who played Strika in the Netflix’s hit movie is reported to be begging money and selling yams in the streets of Accra, Ghana.

According to local news sites, Emmanuel was paid 30,000 dollars (Sh3m) for his remarkably played role of Strika in Beasts of No Nation.

He claims he does not know where that money is.

The teenager alleges that after shooting the movie, a producer named Kofi Robert popped up and requested to keep his money into a bank account until he turned 18, but that hasn’t happened even though he is approaching 19.

He starred alongside Abraham Attah and Idris Elba who were undoubtedly the stars of the movie.

“After the movie, I was to be paid 1% of the profit made from the movie. They told me it’s in the bank but I am yet to see the money,” he explained.

 Strika [Photo:Courtesy]

Strika as he is popularly known, has also revealed that his relationship with his co-actor, Abraham Attah hasn’t been the same ever since he relocated to the USA.

“The way he [Abraham Attah] now behaves is not good. The way he talks; the way he replies is not good. He will be shouting on you and all stuff, I don’t know if it’s because he has travelled outside,” he said.