Residents shocked to find coffin on man's doorstep

Residents of Navakholo gather to witness a strange incident where a casket was found placed at a family's doorstep. [Benard Lusigi, Standard]

Fear has gripped villagers at Ebunyanganyi in Navakholo, Kakamega County after a coffin was found at the doorstep of the house of one of the locals. Residents woke up and found a small coffin wrapped in a white woolen piece of cloth at the entrance of Peter Wekondi’s house.

Hundreds of shocked locals thronged Wekondi’s home to witness the weird incident that has become the talk of the village.

Jenipher Masika, a farmhand was shocked to see the coffin neatly placed at the doorstep of her employer who was still asleep.

Wekondi, has been in and out of hospital since he finished constructing his new house which remains unoccupied until he recovers.

“I was going to the farm when I spotted the small casket placed at the main door of the new house. I got scared but gathered courage and woke up family members who were in a separate house.”

A small casket wrapped in a white woolen cloth found at the doorstep of a man’s new house in Navakholo Kakamega County. [Benard Lusigi, Standard]

Ms Masika said she has never witnessed such a bizarre incident in her life. “Everyone was afraid to move near the coffin,” she told journalists.

Family members were tongue-tied when they saw the coffin.

The casket was placed at the main entrance and it had three crosses on top.

Jackeline Oteng’o, Wekondi’s wife said they were waiting for her husband to be discharged before they move into the new house.

According to Ms Oteng’o, it was hard to tell the motive behind the dumping of the coffin in the home.

“When the worker informed us about the coffin, it sounded like a joke. But we were shocked when we saw it,” she said.

“We shall conduct special prayers and a ceremony to exorcise evil spirits before occupying the house given what has befallen us,” she added. 


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