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Stray leopard mauls 12 sheep, still on the loose

May 21st 2022

Residents of Silibwet are counting losses after a stray leopard mauled 12 sheep on Friday night.

The residents are now living in fear as the stray leopard is still roaming around the villages.

Children grazing sheep on Wednesday first spotted the wild animal at Kipngeno village near the shores of Nyangores River.

Area assistant chief Daniel Mutai said it is suspected that the leopard crossed from Mau Forest and strayed into the area.

“Mau Forest is less than two kilometres from here. We suspect the animal crossed over to give birth and protect cubs from being attacked by rival males,” said Mutai.

Mutai said the Kenya Wildlife Service officers who were called in to try and trace the wild animal confirmed from the footsteps and style of killing and feeding that the stray animal is a leopard.

Three farmers have lost scores of sheep in the attacks over the last one week.

“Members of the public tried to trace the animals and its footsteps end up in one of the tea farms where it could be hiding,” he said.

Mutai urged the locals to avoid moving around at night to avoid being attacked.

The administrator said parents are being forced to accompany their children to school in the morning. Tea picking has also been affected.

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