When the sassy Reverend Lucy Natasha introduced her man Stanley Carmel sometime last year, many followers did not believe her.

Soon the lead preacher of the Empowerment Christian Church shared the news that she was planning to walk down the aisle with a man whose roots were traced to India.

The two hosted a traditional wedding ceremony on January 29, 2022, in a lavish ceremony held at the Evergreen Woodvale Drive House in Runda.

One year after they tied the knot, Carmel shared on Twitter on January 31, 2023, saying: “Celebrating one year of unconditional love, endless laughter, and a lifetime of adventures.”

He added, “Happy first wedding anniversary my Baby Tasha. My heart beats for you, my soul belongs to you, and my love for you will never fade. You are the greatest blessing God has ever given me.”

Earlier, the two shared a tik-tok video in which the husband’s background tone plays Shania Twain’s ’You are still the one,’ while Natasha responds with ‘From this moment’ by the same artiste. Prophet Carmel is originally from India but currently resides in Canada while Rev Natasha is Kenyan, the two met on social media and graduated from friends to lovers.

Carmel revealed how he was awed by Natasha’s beauty and passion for Christ and that he had to risk it all.

“I was invited to preach at a certain place and the lady of the house showed me a video of Natasha preaching about a royal wedding.

Natasha, on her part, stated that Carmel’s determination grabbed her attention and despite the numerous messages she would get, the preacher’s messages had something different.

“One thing I liked about him was his persistence. He kept encouraging me and I never thought it would lead to a relationship. After some time, I started replying to his messages,” she said.

Adding that, “We first became friends before lovers. Later on, we were both in the US at the same time in Dallas and as they say, the rest is history,”

The couple stated that it was easy to connect because of their mutual interests and the fact that they both come from strong Christian backgrounds.