Joe Biden's inauguration rehearsal in pictures

By Mercy Asamba and Agencies | January 19th 2021 at 11:04:17 GMT +0300

The National Mall is filled with a display of US flags during a dress rehearsal. [REUTERS]

US President-elect Joe Biden's guard of honour rehearsed in front of the US Capitol on Monday morning.

In pictures, below, the preparation for Biden’s inauguration set for Wednesday, January 20.

US military units march in front of the US Capitol as they rehearse. [Reuters]

According to the Daily Mail, hundreds of US military members, including Air Force members, the Honor Guard and the Commander-in-Chief’s Guard, were seen assembling in Washington DC, as security personnel patrolled the Washington Monument Grounds.

A military band passes the East Front of the U.S. Capitol during a dress rehearsal. [REUTERS]

A stand-in for president-elect Biden was seen being sworn in on the podium, accompanied by a stand-in for his wife Dr. Jill Biden.

A stand-in for US President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in on the podium, as a stand-in for Jill Biden looks on during a dress rehearsal for the inauguration. [Reuters]

The exercise was, however, cut short due to an emergency evacuation after a fire broke out near the US Capitol, which was temporarily placed under lockdown.

A fire burns under a bridge in Washington. The US Capitol complex was shut down for about an hour out of an abundance of caution after a small fire broke out nearby, underscoring security jitters days before the inauguration. [Reuters]

A billow of smoke emanating from the homeless camp located roughly a mile away raised security concerns in an already shaken city.

A general view of preparations prior to a dress rehearsal for President-elect Joe Biden's Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol, in Washington, January 18, 2021. [Reuters]

The lockdown was later lifted after the fire was contained, the Capitol Police said in a statement.

“Out of an abundance of caution the U.S. Capitol complex was temporarily shut down. There is no threat to the public,” the US Secret Service said on Twitter.

A member of the military rushes past, as people are evacuated back inside after an "external security threat" prior to a dress rehearsal. [Reuters]

The quick response in locking down the US Capitol follows the January 6 attack by supporters of President Donald Trump, that left four people dead including a Capitol police officer.

The US Capitol Building is prepared for the inauguration ceremonies for President-elect Joe Biden as the "Field of Flags" are placed on the ground on the National Mall, in Washington, US, January 18, 2021. [Reuters]

US President Donald Trump, who was impeached last week by the House of Representatives, will not attend tomorrow’s inauguration.

Members of the military take a shelter in place at the U.S. Capitol after a dress rehearsal. [Reuters]

Normally, hundreds of thousands would be there to witness the moment but due to the Pandemic the number will be limited.

A general view of a rehearsal for Joe Biden's inauguration. [Reuters]

The US Army Band performs during a dress rehearsal. [Reuters]

A White House Marine sentry rehearses the arrival of President-elect Joe Biden next to a smashed window at the US Capitol. [Reuters]

A stand-in portraying President-elect Joe Biden rehearses the upcoming inauguration. [Reuters]

Chairs are set socially distanced during a dress rehearsal. [Reuters]


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