Kid Reverend Victor Githu apologizes for sending his mother water.

Self-proclaimed kid Reverend Victor Gathu has taken to social media to apologize to his fans after drawing backlash following his decision to send his mother while preaching.

In the video that has since gone viral, Victor is seen preaching with his mother seated beside him before asking her to go get him water.

“Can you go get me water please,” he requested.

His action elicited mixed reactions among netizens with some describing it as utter disrespect.

Apologizing to his fans on his social media, the young preacher explained that netizens blew the whole matter out of proportion as his mother had no problem attending to his need.

In his explanation, he had a scratchy throat while preaching but because he had a broken hand and did not want to leave his fans hanging while going to get the water, he had no option but to seek help from his mother.

“Before you judge, look at the concept, content and concept and instead of judging under one video, watch all my videos and see what happens. I just broke my hand, I had a scratchy throat and I couldn’t leave there until I am done with the live. So I thought the best thing to do is to ask my mom kindly please get me water which doesn’t have a problem with if I am not feeling well or I am on a live video or situation where I cannot leave to go and get it for myself. It’s best we stop judging,” he wrote.

Victor went on to promise to do better and never repeat the same mistake again not forgetting to appreciate his fans for their continuous support and counsel.  

“But onto more serious matters for every netizen and everyone who was offended by the incident that happened in the situation that it happened. Some of us never got to understand what was really happening but I’m very sorry and where there is a problem we will fix it and make it better for life is all about learning. I have definitely learnt something new and thank you all for you patience, thank you for your criticism, your judgement, your hate, your calls, messages, tags, follows, likes and views. All that I can pray for everyone is that may the Lord bless you and may He do you well for now peace,” he added.

After months of going mum, the young man of God recently resurfaced in the US looking almost unrecognizable because of how much he had grown.

Victor and his family relocated to America and judging from his excitement he is in love with his new home.

“I like the place, it is really amazing. Nice weather. We have great neighbours. To God be the glory,” he said excitedly.  

Reverend Victor Gathu Apology Backlash