Investigative Journalist Purity Mwambia speaks at a State Department forum in Washington DC, U.S. [Screen grab]

Citizen TV Journalist Purity Mwambia has now clarified that her employer still supports her, despite numerous reports this week suggesting otherwise.

Through her official Twitter account, Mwambia recounted her experiences as a journalist who had fled her home country for fear of her life and the challenges she has been facing while living in the United States.

“On Tuesday, I made remarks at a State Department forum in Washington DC narrating my experiences with a human rights group; experiences very well known to that group. Just note, I continue carrying my career cross proudly with the total support of my employer back home,” Mwambia tweeted.

Her statement follows remarks she made at a forum on Tuesday, May 30, discussing the challenges faced by women journalists in exile.

The investigative journalist narrated how challenging life has been, to the point of being almost homeless, claiming she has received little to no support from the organisation that catered for the move.

“I am on the verge of being homeless. Every day when I walk past all these metro buses and I see these homeless people…it's one of those stories I would have loved to tell as a journalist, but now I walk as if I'm literally in their shoes, not knowing what’s going to happen to me but I am still holding on,” she said.

In 2021 after her expose on rogue cops, Mwambia allegedly received several death threats which forced her to go into hiding.

She relocated to Washington, U.S., and maintained a low profile till Tuesday this week when she resurfaced as part of the State Department Forum in Washington. 

Mwambia would for the first time publicly share her experience and journey as a journalist seeking asylum.

“When you get here, it’s like your voice gets silenced. It’s hard to navigate the US media landscape, especially journalists from the global south. You’ve been working with all these big media houses but here you are treated like an apprentice and yet you are all on the same level which makes you feel like all your 20 years of experience has gone to waste,” said Mwambia.

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