Amanda Namayi at COP28 in Dubai. [Courtesy]

Youth are at the forefront in offering solutions to climate change-related challenges in Africa. 

This came as a welcome observation in the ongoing COP28; as sessions showed the dynamism of young people as they took centre stage in their very own Children and Youth Pavilion. 

There have been deliberate efforts by different stakeholders to buttress youth agencies in high-level convenings, and this year, for the first time in COP history, there will be a Youth Stocktake.

Prior to the official commencement of COP28, the appointment of the Youth Climate Champion (YCC) ensured that youth participation was included and harmonised between governments, UNFCCC and COP Presidency itself. 

Amanda Namayi, who is in charge of Inspiration and Advocacy at Generation Africa, noted that Africa's youthful population are an untapped resource and should be engaged on all fronts.

"Africa is awash with youth-led, climate-smart innovations. COP28 is the perfect avenue to showcase the work of youth agripreneurs as a solution to addressing the climate crisis while ensuring zero hunger,” said Namayi.


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