Nyando residents who were displaced after River Nyando broke its bank lining up to receive foodstuffs and bedding donations by SHOFCO.

Kisumu County residents who were displaced after River Nyando broke its banks last weekend have been given aid by well-wishers.

The residents, hailing from the larger Kano plains, received foodstuff and bedding from a non-governmental organisation, Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO).  

According to Shofco Urban Network (SUN) Kisumu County Chairperson Allan Metho, the exercise began Thursday and is still underway in various parts of Nyando Constituency.

“Today, we have distributed foodstuffs and blankets to the people of Nyalenda who were affected by floods and those who lived along River Nyando. The floods swept away all their belongings and we are here as SHOFCO to stand with them and support them,” Metho said.

The chairman said SHOFCO will also donate foodstuffs and other essential items to flood victims in Kisumu West, Seme and Nyakach sub-counties.

“On behalf of Kisumu County, I want to thank SHOFCO CEO Dr. Kennedy Odede for this noble assistance. We have managed to reach all the locals from five wards in Nyando Sub-county who were affected by the floods. They are grateful for the support that SHOFCO has given them,” he stated.


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He added: “We also intend to bring them mosquito nets because this is a malaria-prone area.”

Phyllisia Ngasira, one of the donations’ beneficiaries, said she lost all her belongings when River Nyando broke it banks.

“I lost all my belongings including chicken, bedding and even plates. There is nothing I salvaged from the house.

“Today, we are happy because SHOFCO has brought us foodstuffs and bedding. I will sleep well today. May God bless SHOFCO,” Ngasira said.

On his part, Jodan Wasonga from Manyatta B Ward said he also lost his belongings and he has been sleeping on the floor in his friend’s house.

“I’m grateful to SHOFCO today for bringing us food and bedding. The organisation does not choose who to help. It helps all the flood victims equally including youth like me. I’m really happy and thankful for what I have received today,” Wasonga said.

Kisumu County Commissioner Benson Leparmorijo said 40,000 persons have been affected by floods in the county.

In the Nyando subcounty, more victims have been affected after River Nyando broke its banks.

The majority of those displaced are in rescue centres of Kowuor Primary School, and Baptist church Magina camp.

Some of the affected have been integrated with relatives and well-wishers. Leparmorijo said 486 households are currently in rescue centres.

There are 412 households at Kakola in Ombaka while 27 households are at the Education hall within the assistant county commissioner office compound.

At Kochogo camp, there are 27 households and seven households in Wawidhi. The commissioner said an estimated 4,100 acres of habited and farmed lands have been affected by floods in the county.

SHOFCO has been at the forefront of helping flood victims in Nairobi slums including Mathare, Kibera, Korogocho and Mukuru.

There has been an outbreak of waterborne diseases in Mathare and Kibera slums as a result of flooding.

Shofco’s health department deployed Community Health Promoters (CHPs) in the Mathare sub-county and so far they’ve covered Hospital, Mabatini, Mathare 4A, Mathare 4B and Number 10 wards.

In Kibera, the CHPs are currently handling cases in Kiandaa, Silanga, Makina and Gatwekera wards.

The Shofco CHPs have so far visited 11,242 households, distributed 97,000 aqua tabs and gave out 49,290 emergency co-packs (zinc and oral rehydration salts).

Some 304 patients from different camps have been treated at SHOFCO’s clinics.

The organisation has reached over 20,000 families with foodstuffs, bedding, household items and medicine, and has moved several families to safer places.