Sarah Kabu. (Courtesy)

Businesswoman Sarah Kabu has said that all is not well within her family despite a 'public reunion' weeks ago. Speaking to Kalondu Musyimi, Sarah said she has never received an apology from her step-daughter, and thus they are yet to move forward.

The mother of two said, any woman, regardless of how strong they may appear, will be threatened and scared if anything happens to their children without consent. Based on her statement, her step-daughter, believed to be 24-years-old had recently taken off with her (Sarah's) two kids and went for a vacation accompanied by their father Simon Kabu, a move that didn't sit well with Sarah.

"I was trending because I was defending my children, I feel they are very precious and nobody should pull such a string just because they have some rights. This was one of the most difficult phases I have ever gone through in my life and motherhood. I had never imagined that someone can come pick my kids and go with them without my permission," she said.

Sarah added that everything is yet to be settled, but chose not to disclose any further details. 

"Everything has not been ironed out because I have still not received an apology from the girl. There are still other dramas happening because what you see on social media is just a tip of the iceberg. There's a lot that is happening in the family which I will not discuss on social media," she added.

Sarah expressed confidence that she would be able to overcome her current challenges in due course. 


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"I am a strong woman and I know I will be able to sort it off-social media. I want to be off the camera for a while but sometimes it's good to open because sometimes people may misjudge you. Some people were just seeing me as a jealous step-mother but any mother out there, have you ever imagined your children being with someone you don't even know. She could be Simon's daughter we have no relationship. She is a total stranger," she said.