Nairobi is slowly adopting a daring craze, sex parties that are organised for a niche class of wealthy men
  • Imagine walking into a room and finding an orgy in full swing! While this might sound foreign, the truth is that sex parties involving pimps, young girls and prominent rich men are happening in Nairobi
  • These private events are taking place in secret locations within the city’s affluent neighbourhoods under heavy security

It is a secret spot. Inside a city building, we are led through dimly-lit stairs and sharp corners. The guards look mean as they search us and demand to know if we have an invite. Then the door opens, ushering us into the fourth floor basement area where it is all happening.

Last weekend’s private party had been kept secret and it was only after an insider tipped us and sneaked us to the hideout that we managed to access the venue.

Here were over twenty girls, all dressed in sexy lingerie seductively dancing on the men’s laps as music played, alcohol and shisha flowing freely.

They took turns, moving from client to another and in within one hour, the game started to change. Clothes started to fall off and the lights got dimmer. The modus operandi was getting clearer: this was an orgy.  A private affair that had been set up for a number of top influential personalities among them a leading Nairobi businessmen.

Away from your usual parties, Nairobi is slowly adopting a daring craze, sex parties that are organised for a niche class of wealthy men – among them politicians and businessmen – for whom girls are sourced, with escort-girl kind of an arrangement all aimed at sexual exploits.

Most of these private events are happening in secret locations in Nairobi’s rich neighbourhoods where under heavy security, all the promiscuity happens.

To execute this, pimps who pose as events’ organisers source for the models according to the specification given by the clients. Most of these girls are college-going students aged between 18 and 24 years, most of them have positioned themselves as socialites or simply models.

“We have a WhatsApp group whose administrator is the guy responsible for sourcing those jobs for us. The group has about 60 members. Usually, a girl submits a number of photos for consideration and once recruited, one has to play by the rules, most of which come with a lot of secrecy,” says Aisha, an insider who has been in the business for over a year.

“It is a big money business as the pimps get paid from about Sh150,000 to Sh300,000 for delivering the girls. The girls get about Sh20,000 for a ‘job’ and most of the time, it is the tips from clients that count the most. With a generous client, one can pocket up to about Sh50,000,” she adds.

Asked if she does not consider this as promiscuity, Aisha says she does it for the fun; that with a punch line that “you only live once”.

“Through this, I have met a number of prominent people and I’m using this kind of network to benefit myself. After all, I am single and ready to mingle. I don’t believe in having a boyfriend so it’s not like I am cheating on anyone,” she defends herself.

“The clients vary. Some are sons of prominent people, others are organised groups of professionals, politicians and businessmen among others,” she reveals.

“On a number of occasions, I have been invited to play in such high-end parties and the rule has always been that I don’t let the secrets out. The pay is usually handsome,” says a top Nairobi-based DJ who did not want his name mentioned.

“There is a secret place, a mansion around Limuru area where this happens. This is a private house where ‘action’ takes place almost every other weekend,” he adds.

“I was once being recruited into such a thing and almost got into the trap when this ‘pimp’ took my friends and I to a place where these businessmen were. I did not know it was a sex trap and when I decided to storm out of the house, I was warned never to speak about it or else I would face ‘consequences’,” recalls Penny, a 21-year-old university student.

Besides this happening in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi, our investigations has it that there are a number of dens around Naivasha, one in a private ranch. There is also another joint next to a golf course that is not far from Nairobi.

“It is very hard for one to know the exact house where this happens in all these rich men’s estates as mostly, the girls are taken under high secrecy, sometimes even blindfolded,” reveals a source.

“In some cases, these high-ballers usually hire the houses specifically for that purpose and the rent is contributed equally by every player,” our source adds.

This is how the game works. Once at the party the girls are treated to delicacies of all kinds; wine, champagne and all forms of pricey liquor.

They are allowed to mingle with the clients and at some point, each is given a tag. This moniker ideally pairs one with the specific partner one is supposed to sleep with. However, one is allowed to swap partners after the initial encounter.

“It is like having a willing buyer-willing seller arrangement. Sometimes, guys do have three-somes. Mostly, these outings do take an entire weekend; from Friday to Sunday and so you can imagine, that is enough time to do the rounds. These things happen spontaneously,” notes our DJ informer.

It is not just a thing around wealthy men, school-going youth are also getting involved in secret sex parties such as last year’s Project X party that was stopped by the police after public outrage.

Among students, these happens mostly after the third term exams while in campus hostels, sex parties can be described as a norm.

“Leave alone girls getting involved in sex parties, even on a casual sex deal, many girls are opting to use post-exposure prophylaxis (Pep) as it is available nowadays unlike before. Many youth are not using condoms,” says Grace, 26.