L-R: Kagwe Mungai and Ndegz


Years after shedding its previous sullied image and association with ruffians, celebrities are pushing for dreadlocks more than ever. In fact, many are not waiting for natural locks to grow. They are getting locks hair extension. So what is it about wearing ‘locks’?

He’s sassy, classy and trendy.

This baboon rival knows how to dress. He knows when the bowler hats go with a pair of khaki shorts and loafer shoes. He knows when to have a baseball shirt up, and when to have a clean cut suit. He knows when to be naked, and when to be completely naked. Because either way, he always wins.

 Because blade number one is boring.

If you still walk into the barber shop and ask to be shaved a “number one”, you are boring. If your guy can’t be kinky and playful with something as little as hair, trust me, you’re going to have the most mind-numbing affairs ever. You’ll wake up to the same unkempt eyebrows, the same unbrushed teeth, the same boring everything. Look for a twist. Get someone who will once in a while treat you ito a surprise. You know who that guy is.

He’s fun and funny.

 If your boy has some branches on his head, keep that man. Otherwise, I too can take him away from you. You have the world in your hands. The guy is a natural comedian. If he’s not, pretend to laugh and you’ll feel the fun. I don’t understand how you’d overlook this pretty God sent sexy thing. Good things come in limited editions. Enjoy the locks on your man before he turns thirty or something of the old, fashion sense talking. You will want that hair someday.

He’s effortlessly cute.

When I say effortlessly cute, I mean it. Because locked guys have cute eyes, cute lips, cute cheeks beneath a beard and... cute eyebrows. They have lovely imaginary packs I could skip nights for. Even when they have none, the baby locks give the impression they do.

Locks is bae.

 I can’t think of anything exciting on a dude I could consider if not the hair. If you can’t grow a beard, at least have locks as a substitute. Let me put it clear, this habit of men looking so soft and smooth just doesn’t work. Period. If facial hair seriously backfired on you, get some wax and grow that hair boy!

Let’s face it.

These guys look good. If you’ve come across a guy who maintains his locks pretty well, you can agree that these guys look good. He has no blanket buds between his hair, no dirt, and his hair is always clean, black and upright. I’m not talking about the tiny one-inch matutas some wannabes have on their heads. No. I’m talking about those strong mature soldiers. The battalion that walks on his head. The guy looks good, smells good, and how about we exchange contacts.

He is rough.

Yeah, girls love rough men. Masculinity should never be questionable when it comes to your man, besides, why are you having him if he can’t come out as the ‘strong tower’. And just like in the movies, that hero who goes all the way to save the day turns out to be that romantic hunk...what a woman in love needs.