Chebet Ronoh [Instagram]

Social media personality Chebet Ronoh has revealed plans to make her way to Kasarani Police Station to look for her stolen iPhone.

Through her Insta stories, Ronoh expressed optimism in finding her phone among the over 200 phones recovered by the DCI during a raid on a theft syndicate that had been giving residents a hard time.

“I was thinking I want to go and check for my phone at Kasarani police station. Do you guys think if I go I will find my phone? That guy was found with over 200 IPhones and I have seen a hint of my iPhone there so I don’t know,” she wrote.

According to a statement issued by police, a suspect identified as Antony Orlando alias Engineer Bobby led detectives to where the phones were recovered.

Not too long ago, YouTube Keranta was attacked and her newly acquired iPhone 13 snatched from her.

Narrating details of the horrific experience Keranta explained that she tried to fight off the attackers without success.

Mobile phones recovered by police in Kasarani area, Nairobi on November 21, 2022. [Twitter]

“Oh my God, today as I was going to pick my newly ordered IPhone 13 worth 190K that I have been waiting for to arrive, I am on a motorbike passing through Donholm where the campaign crowd is. I carried the phone in the new bag I bought a few minutes earlier barely an hour. I suddenly got attacked by an unknown gang. I tried to pull and struggle and scream but nobody helped. In fact the motorman stopped and shouted mwizi, nobody bothered,” she said.

The content creator who ended up hurting herself in process questioned why people steal from others.

“My nails were hurt and they are bleeding so bad from the struggle. I got slapped severally to let go of the bag as people watched, my heart is broken. I saved for months for this phone, why are people like this. What do I even do now?”

Netizens have advised her to also make her way to Kasarani and look for her phone.