Akothee [Instagram]

Kenyan entertainer Akothee has asked Kenyans to stop tagging her on posts about girls suffering in Saudi Arabia.

Through a post on social media, the businesswoman said she is fed up, directing those doing so to report the matter to relevant authorities.

Refusing to be drawn to the debate, Akothee said she is not in government and does not have solutions for those girls.

“If you think I can represent you in government si munipe kazi kwanza ndio mnipe majukumu. I didn’t build a brand for you to misuse me, you know the hierarchy of the government, and who is responsible for what.

“I don't know why you think I have solutions for you. Did you see me on any ballot boxes? Ever heard me speak about politics? Ever heard me address the government? I will start charging that name,” she wrote.

Some of her fans, however, asked her to be the voice of the voiceless and use her influence to help those stranded in far-away countries.


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“Lending a helping hand won't bite nail...or even just speak about it u r influential and your word means something,” wrote one netizen.

“This was just unnecessary,” added another.

Last month, Akothee denied claims that she sends girls to Arab countries, accusing Kenyans of constantly attacking her and her family.

In recent weeks, a number of women who tried to look for greener pastures abroad have returned home with harrowing tales, narrating how they suffered at the hands of their employers.

A few weeks back, Diana Chepkemoi, a Meru University student, said her employer in the Gulf mistreated her and called on the government to act quickly before lives are lost.

She said her friends were suffering and she was lucky her story saw the light of day.

“I am pleading with the government to do something. People are mentally and psychologically tortured. It is a shame that they often tell us there is nothing we can do.

“The government should do something. Some have even forgotten their names. They have forgotten where they came from,” said Chepkemoi.

Chepkemoi said she always carried out her duties diligently but trouble started when she reported her employer to her agent in vain.

“I was not rude. They (employers) know they have power over you,” she said.

In a statement, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said Chepkemoi was not subjected to ill-treatment and assured that it is dedicated to protecting the rights of residents in their country.