A screengrab of Otile Brown and an unidentified lady.

Popular singer Otile Brown has left fans muddled over whether he has a new catch following a video shared on his social media in the company of an unidentified woman.

In the video, the Chaguo la Moyo singer is seen all smiles walking hand in hand with the lady from what seems like a date and some netizens are convinced she is his new catch.

This comes roughly two months after the award-winning singer announced his breakup with long-term Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet.

According to Otile, their relationship was going through a rough patch and for this reason, decided to meet with Nabayet to try and salvage their union but unfortunately, their efforts proved futile. The duo agreed to end the relationship.

“Nabbi and I are not together anymore…. The last time we were together was to try and figure out the way forward but we decided to go our separate ways unfortunately,” he wrote.

Despite their separation, Otile vowed to continue respecting and caring for Nabayet for the amazing person she was to him.

“She’s an amazing person and for that I will always respect her, care for her and be cool with each other. Wishing her nothing but the best moving forward! Bless,” he concluded.


The Such Kinda Love singer met his ex-girlfriend Nabayet not too long after his highly-publicized breakup with socialite Vera Sidika.

In a previous interview with comedian Jalang’o, Otile admitted that he has never loved a woman more than he loved Nabayet.

“Because I don’t think I have ever loved a woman, the way I love that chick, coz ni mwanamke ambaye hana story mingi. She will never bother you. She that type of a woman ukimkosea atalia, she will just cry. So it was always a struggle, like so many times we are having the same discussion. Any time I tell her I really care about you, I love you, anasema, “No”, you are just playing with me,” said Otile.