Sarah Kabu 

They were considered the ideal couple by many. Lavish living, expensive trips and a booming business. The Kabus, as they were popularly referred to, were living their best life, at least according to netizens.

However, behind the scenes, it was not all rosy. Like any other couple, Sarah and Simon Kabu had their issues but they portrayed themselves as happy lovebirds.

In a tell-it-all interview with Christine Lewis, Sarah, MD Bonfire Adventures, said it got to a point she could no longer overlook the troubles she was facing in her marriage and had to be honest with herself.

“50 or 70 percent has been what you see on social media. Very blissful. We have had our good times but we have also had our bad times which we do not show on social media.

“Sometimes when I meet people they tell me that I inspire them and we are ‘couple goals but I wished I had simple and peaceful unions like theirs,” she said.

Sarah revealed that they had marital issues for around 10 years and one of her resolutions this year was to be true to herself and tackle issues head-on, including peaceful separation and a co-parenting plan.

She wanted to do this quietly but considering their heavy presence on socials, news leaked that there was trouble in paradise.

On the recent incident that let in the public on the couple’s rocky marriage, Sarah said she told Simon that she needed a breather to clear her head and would be spending the night at a hotel.

Apparently, it was something she would often do when they were at loggerheads but this time round when she came back home she did not find her kids.

“He organized with his daughter to come and pick up the kids from school without my knowledge or consent. They went to Amboseli. I didn't know that my kids had gone since he did not go with any of my nannies.

“When we were getting married and he told me about his daughter and baby mama I told him, “I hope they will not start interfering with our lives.”

“He had a relationship with someone and they had a daughter. He also had another relationship with someone else and they had a son. I was aware of all this when we got married,” she said.

Adding: “It was a shocker for me that he was assisted by the daughter to take away the kids. Someone who is not well-known to the kids. She doesn’t know what they eat or what they wear…the do’s…the don’ts.

“I felt like the kids were being confused and I thought we would have handled it differently. At some point we had to involve the police…it was for 10 days but I thank God they came back home.”

Sarah stated that she did not have a problem with Simon supporting his children (from his previous relationships) but wanted a close-knit family, drama-free.

“Since publicly gifting our children property, the baby mamas have been very aggressive. I am also human and it becomes stressful when you are trying to pool resources together then it goes out to support others.

“I have even guided him in choosing good schools to take his children to lead a comfortable life. I once joked with him that perhaps I will meet those ladies (baby mamas) during his burial but I pray to go before him so that I do not face the drama,” she remarked.

Sarah maintains that she believes in marriage and it works, and would not want what has happened to them lead to failure of other marriages.

She admitted that her husband was good to her and like any human being, they both had their weaknesses.

“He has been good to me…the Range Rover thing was beautiful…I appreciate him for such good gestures. Yes, we are business partners but he still had to approve.

“We have had good and bad times,” she reminisced.

 Sarah Kabu

Ben 10s

Ever since news broke that there was trouble in their marriage, Sarah says young men have been flooding her inbox, perhaps sensing an opportunity to swim in wealth, something that does not sit right with her.

She said she believes in hard work and encouraged fellow women to hustle for themselves.

“My inbox is flooded. Why would I raise a grown man and give them pocket money and my card? I thank God my mum did not train me to rely on men… I was taught to work hard,” she said.

She added that she is now fully focused on her children and will do her best to give them the best life.

 Simon Kabu and Sarah Kabu