Karen Nyamu

Nairobi Senatorial aspirant Karen Nyamu has mourned ‘Men’s conference’ chairperson Mzee Jackson Kibor, remembering his humor and ‘interesting’ personal life.

She went ahead to ask who should fill the deceased’s shoes, teasing her baby daddy, Mugithi maestro Samidoh.

“Men’s conference chairman Mr Jackson Kibor is no more. I have received the news of his passing on with great sadness.

“He is a man we all loved for his humor and interesting personal life. Go well General wa boy child. Rest in Peace,” she wrote.

Adding: Sasa mnaona hio nafasi mzae amewacha vacant tupatie nani? Sijataja Samidoh.

The late Mzee Kibor. [Christopher Kipsang]

Netizens quickly weighed in on the matter and a number of names were proposed.

Here are the reactions:

Mwangi Francis: Wewe uwachane na Boy child wa Nyandarua sasa. Ama akupachike ingine

Thomas Njenga: I propose mithika linturi,kirinyaga deputy governor,Atwoli and samidoh to form a committee aimed at giving us a chairman. Rest well mzee

Rose Karimi: The new men's conference chairman is none other but king Samidoh.. Welcome our father Abraham

Esther Muturi: RIP chairman. Condolences to all Kenyan men. Ain't gonna be an easy task to get a successor who is so diligently committed to serve. He will be missed for his wise counsel to our men. His was a calling.

Fidelis Mwendwa Kanini: Samidoh his role is very vital in this country #Kenya Seed Company CEO.

CK Njuguna: May he rest in peace. The position of CHAIRMAN does not entertain a vacuum. We have therefore appointed ANDREW KIBE to be Interim Chairman until we find a substantive Chairman.

KouRier Mc: We will miss his great mentorship...go well our Senior...hiyo nafasi tunapea Andrew Kifeee

In a video that went viral earlier this week, Samidoh left his fans in stitches when he warned a female reveler against tempting him.

Samidoh had invited two ladies on stage to showcase their dancing prowess and one, who was in a white dress, gave an electrifying performance that the singer asked her to politely get off the stage.

"Usituletee temptation kwa hii kazi. Mimi nimetake after guka yangu, sikujangi na number mzuri. Mwenye alinikaribia hivo mara ya mwisho, sahii ananyonyesha.”

Samidoh then gave the lady KSh 1,000 adding "Unaweza kaakaa hapa ujipate Pumwani. Sasa badala ya hio maneno, wewe enda tuu uende kabisa.”