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Singer Akothee has reconsidered her celebrity status after an encounter with a fan who filmed her while out shopping with her family.

Opening up on the incident in a social media rant, the businesswoman explained that despite her medical condition that has her in a neck support, some of her fans still insist on taking pictures with her.

According to the mother of five, fans should be more considerate and refrain from asking for pictures and secretly filming her when she is clearly not feeling her best.

“I regret the day I became famous, this bullsh*t isn’t getting funny. Even with my neck support and funny face, some people would still insist on a selfie. Eeee! Is this really love or it is something that I don’t know? Sometimes I am in pain and just pushing a little bit of life! Spare me the impromptu photos please! I know you love evidence! Just wait a little. The year started on a rough pitch for me! Even the strength to take a picture I don’t have. Please forgive me,” she wrote.  

The Lotto crooner went on to reveal that she almost got into a physical altercation with one of her fans after they filmed her endlessly while she was out shopping with her family. Upon confrontation the fan is said to have become rude and aggressive.

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“Someone tell me why some fans would meet you in a shop, not say Hi or a word., pretend like they have not seen you then immediately take out their phones and start recording you and taking pictures. When you notice them they hide. I almost went physical with one who became very rude to my sister-in-law who caught her with a whole movie of me and my family shopping. What Is going on?” said Akothee.

Despite Akothee’s current conflict with some of her fans, she has in the past expressed her undying love for them. When she hit 2million followers on social media in 2021, the vocal social media influencer appreciated her fans for their support adding that she wouldn’t get the same love from her fellow celebrities.

“Now I have 2 million followers, don’t even talk to me, I better spend the time I waste chatting with you on WhatsApp, to post something for my fans, they are loyal. If you can’t support me in public, usinipake mafuta kwa mgongo wa chupa in private. One word for progressive growth. My loyal fans I ESTHER AKOTH KOKEYO. Mother of many says. THANK YOU VERY MUCH” said Akothee.