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It is said and written that you learn something new every day. When it comes to the world of beauty pageantry, there is so much more than just good looks, gowns, make up and the runway. The modelling world requires so much more than models sashaying down the catwalk, smiling, and posing for cameras. 

There are more requirements to do with physical appearance, height, weight and dental formula that many are aware of, then there are those many don't know about; models have even lost their titles as a result.

Having children

The world of beauty pageantry is without a doubt a demanding one. Contrary to people’s beliefs, this particular job requires your full attention as there is so much that is required of you off the runway.

As a result, pageants ban expectant ladies and those with children from participating. This has over the years been a matter that has raised a whole lot of debate.

Posing nude

While reading various articles about beauty pageantry, you have probably come across those that talk about scandals of past beauty queens getting their titles withdrawn because of posing nude.

Nudity is highly discouraged in the world of beauty pageantry as it affects the entire competition negatively.

A similar situation was once witnessed in the country when a newly crowned pageant holder’s title was given to someone else after someone leaked their nudes online.


Again, this pageant requires your utmost attention and just like having children, dating is highly discouraged. Though not applicable to all pageants, dating is not advised.

Cosmetic surgery

Cases of participants who have gone under the knife to enhance their looks might be rare or even few in the country, but it is a matter that has always been up for debate worldwide.

While Western countries might not be totally against it; with the example of The Miss Universe and Miss USA pageant, the issue of enhancing one’s natural beauty rubs beauty pageants the wrong way.

In 1988, the Miss San Diego beauty pageant hired an official plastic surgery consultant in an unpaid position, to advise women on how to improve themselves. This caused such an uproar that the position was scrapped off after the matter was reported in newspapers.

Participation in illegal activities

Before sending out that application to be a contestant in any beauty pageant, just make sure that you have never been on the wrong side of the law. In case you are in possession of a bad police record, forget about becoming a beauty queen.