Risper Faith.

Socialite Risper Faith has taken to social media to expose her househelp for allegedly drinking her expensive liquor.

“What is wrong with these househelps? How can you drink my whiskey and add water to it yet I can see you on the camera?” she said.

The disappointed mother of one said she takes care of her housekeeper’s family.

“I took good care of you and your family, I even paid school fees for your children, and the least you can pay me is drink my expensive liquor?”

Risper said her concern was not her househelp drinking all her alcohol, but the fact that she might be an alcoholic.

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“My problem is not the alcohol, my problem is that I cannot live with an alcoholic. I am tired,” she said.

However, there are a number of celebrities who have been lucky enough to find amazing househelps, with social media sensation Diana Marua being one of them.

Heaping praise on her nanny in a previous post, the mother of three appreciated her help for wholeheartedly doing her job.

“Today’s video is for my nanny. Her name is Irene. Most of you might have seen her in our reality show. Irene has been amazing and has done exceptionally well. She makes sure my babies are well taken care of, that we eat proper food… she does everything to perfection,” said Diana.

Diana’s relationship with her housekeeper is amazing, with the YouTuber even going ahead to encourage her nanny to grow her online following so as to attract advertisers and earn through it.

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“I do not know how you manage to keep my house clean and in order, my babies happy and healthy - and still manage to slay on this Instagram Streets @IRENENEKESA31. Congratulations for 50K Followers on your page. I am blessed to have you as my domestic manager,” she once wrote.

And media personality Nana Owiti, just like Diana is blessed with a great nanny.

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Because of the love they share, Nana threw her nanny’s son a lavish birthday party.

“My bonus son #Royal aka #Roy #Royo aka #RoRo turns three today. You are so sweet and loving. As you grow, I promise to protect you; care, and reciprocate that love you freely give," read her birthday message.

"Truly, family is not always blood-related, it is the people in your life who want you in theirs, the ones that accept you for who you are and love you no matter what.” 

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