Christian and Lovi Longomba. [Courtesy]

Following his demise last Saturday, Christian, the one-half of the Longombas music duo, will be buried tomorrow, March 18, in California, US.

According to family sources, the late singer will be rested in a short ceremony that will be attended by family members and close friends. A number of music industry players flew to the US today to attend the burial; The Standard can confirm.

“I will be attending the burial. The family has been very close to me and it is only reasonable that I go and give my brother a good send-off,” J Blessing told The Standard.

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This comes as Lovi confessed how God revealed to him of his brother’s demise the day he died. “On the day that he was leaving, God spoke to me and told me, ‘Christian is leaving today.’ I tried everything, spiritually, and materially to keep him here, but man, when God speaks, God speaks and there is nothing you can do about it and it is always for the better. Even in this, Jesus is still glorified,” Lovy posted on his Instagram page.

Christian, who impacted the Kenyan showbiz scene together with his brother died on Saturday after a long struggle with a brain tumor. He had been in and out of hospital before he died. The musician had undergone an operation in May 2015 but had to go through a second one after doctors found blood clots in his brain.

The Longombas became a household name in 2002 and songs like Vuta Pumz, Dondosa, Piga Makofi and Shika More were all club bangers. They were known for their energetic performances and their sense of style, an urban cool look that made them trendsetters. 

Their debut album Chukua was released in 2005 and in 2006 they were invited to perform at the Channel O Music Video Awards.

The Longombas come from a musical family. Their father Lovy Longomba was a member of Super Mazembe, while their grandfather Vicky Longomba was a member of TPOK Jazz. Congolese-based Awilo Longomba is their Uncle.

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The Longombas went ahead to bag the 2005 Kora award for Best East Africa group. They also won 2006 Kisima awards for Best Group from Kenya, Best Song, and Best Social responsibility.

They were also feted across the border in Tanzania at the Tanzania Music awards 2006 for Best East African Album, Chukua. The Longombas were teens’ favorites. In 2005 they won the Best group in East Africa in Chaguo La Teeniez, and 2006 they won Best group.