Risper Faith.

It has been roughly two months since popular Kenyan socialite Risper Faith underwent liposuction, “a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body.”

Satisfied with the outcome of her surgery, the happy mother of one has not missed a chance at flooding netizen’s social media timelines with pictures of her perfectly flat stomach and curvy figure.

In one of her recent pictures, the businesswoman was forced to explain to a fan why she still wears a waist trainer despite undergoing the expensive surgery after realizing she had worn one underneath her tightly fighting, grey bodycon dress.

 “Just a polite question why are you still waist training and you underwent liposuction? @ladyrisper?” asked the curious fan.

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In response, Risper revealed that she had not fully healed from her surgery and was using the corset to prevent her stomach from bulging.

Risper added that she would be using the slimming undergarment for 6months before her body heals and fully adjusts.

“@maliashanel hi am not fully healed it takes time to be healed if I remove the corset I tend to bulge given the fact that I was removed a lot of fats so it might take time 6months,” she said.

I feel unattractive

Before making up her mind to undergo surgery, Risper disclosed that she felt depressed and frustrated by how much weight she had added after giving birth to her son and needed to do something about it.

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“All my life I was used to that small body, small waistline but immediately you give birth everything changes and to me, it seems like I’m not adjusting and I’m not accepting the fact that everything changed and so did my body, that is why it’s looking the way it is. After giving birth I weighed myself and I was 100kgs over 22months after I had given birth I’m weighing around 116kgs and my body just keeps growing and growing, I don’t feel beautiful anymore, I don’t feel myself anymore. I have been so down, I’m so moody lately,” she revealed.

Not only did she feel unattractive, but the bubbly social media sensation was also scared that her personal frustrations would crawl into their marriage and cause it to fail.

 “It’s affecting my marriage because sometimes like I said I don’t feel like being intimate with my husband because I don’t feel beautiful. We got married in 2018 and we are in 2020, it’s been two years. This is a very young marriage and if I want it to last forever I need to fix these things for me to be happy and concentrate on my marriage because if I don’t fix it, it will bring us problems later and that’s what I don’t want. I just pray he is going to accept and support my decision because at this point I’m so desperate,” a teary Risper narrated.