?Bongo actress Wema Sepetu.

Bongo actress Wema Sepetu has explained why she has been quiet on social media over the past couple of days and cancelling all events she had been invited to. Speaking on her Instagram page, the former Miss Tanzania 2006 revealed that she has been unwell and took time to nurse herself back to health.

"So much has passed me by this past week including my brother's wedding @hajismanara and the Beauty Legacy 2020 event... Most of you know that I haven't been feeling well but I thank God that I am feeling a bit better now," she said.

However, the Tanzania socialite admitted to pushing herself to attend her brother's wedding without any interference from the media, which she says allowed her to unwind and spend quality time with her loved ones.

"Yesterday also happened to be my other brother's wedding and I was able to attend. At least when it comes to sibling matters you don't think twice because there was no press or spotlight and I was able to enjoy but that doesn't mean I was entirely okay.

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"My apologies for not being able to attend the many other activities I was invited to, but I'm happy to see everything is moving on smoothly. A big congratulation to my brother @hajismanara and a round of applause to my fellow beauty queens for making History," said Wema. 

Wema explained that she was recovering well and hoped to resume her normal activities sooner than later.



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"As for my health, like I said I'm doing better... I feel like I have a flu due to the fact that I overworked myself too much at some point and again. I haven't ailed in such a long time and for that reason things like Malaria, abit of fatigue, chest pains put me down all at once. Still on my meds hope to get better and kicking soon. Thanks for all your prayers. I love you all," she said.

In an earlier post, the Tanzanian beauty had revealed that she had been having body pains asking her fans to pray for her to feel better.

"I'm really in pain… so much pain. Your prayers please," she wrote.

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Body transformation



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The last time Wema addressed her health was about a year ago when she informed her fans of her decision to embark on a weight loss journey.

"When I was big you people kept saying day and night that I should reduce. Now that I have reduced you are saying I should go back to being big. I'm telling you human beings are not to be listened to. Luckily for me I reduced because I desired to reduce not because of people's requests. I've got to say I love me right now……Boddyyyy! Anyway. I will soon share the secret to my weight loss and don't worry yourselves I will try very hard to eat so that I can add just a little weight. Just so you know, I was 109kgs and now I am 68kgs. For those people who are struggling with weight loss, I got you!" said Wema.