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Nigerian singer Simisola Kosoko alias Simi says she was paranoid of getting ill following the surge in coronavirus cases in the United States of America (USA) where she and husband Adekunle Gold were holidaying when the pandemic hit.

Opening up about her pregnancy, the Duduke hitmaker said she felt vulnerable and avoided all unnecessary contacts and trips. “We didn’t know there was going to be a lockdown. We went for holidays… We were there enjoying our lives when the lockdown hit. There was a lot of paranoia from me o. See even on a good day without Covid, I’m very paranoid and always careful hmmm,” said the singer in an interview with Pulse Nigeria.

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Adding: “I’m the paranoid one in the family and I think I was getting on everyone’s nerves at one point. I was also pregnant, so I knew my immunity was down and that I had to be careful. But largely, I wasn’t really going anywhere except checkups and stuff. So the risks were sort of limited. But then, I didn’t really want to take those chances at the time.”

Sharing her motherhood experience since giving birth to her daughter Deja, Simi said it is fulfilling and noted that she understands why the joy of childbirth can lead to post-partum depression. 

“I love being a mom. As soon as you know you want a child, you have baby fever when you see a cute baby. I love being a mom to Deja because she lights up my entire existence and I genuinely look at her and my heart melts. I love staying up through the night and taking care of her and playing with her. I mean it also means I don’t have as much time for maybe music at this time, but who wouldn’t want to spend time with this bundle of joy? Just look at her…”

Adding: “It can be crazy sometimes. Some women go through post-partum depression and that’s not funny. There are lots of hormonal changes involved in this process. Some women have even had to miss or quit their jobs. I’m just lucky enough that I’m my own boss, but there are mothers who are also models and their livelihood depends on how they look. There are lots of complexities.”

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Every experience is unique, added the songbird. “I imagine that there will be similarities to every experience of motherhood, but each experience is unique. For me, I tend to manage my time between creating and motherhood, but the latter is my world and I love it so much. “You have days when you remember how your body used to be, but I always tell my husband that I will do this again - 200 times over for her. But then, it’s different for everybody. It’s not easy o, my brother. It’s not easy at all,” said Simi.

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