The family members are in custody [Photo: Shutterstock]

A mason has told a court how members of a family beat him up for winning the heart of a woman their son was eyeing. Testifying before Nakuru Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Usui, Timothy Kirui said that the family ganged up and beat him senseless at Solai in Rongai, Nakuru County, on September 5, 2019.

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Mr Kirui told the court that Paul Otieno, his wife Margaret Lihavi and their two sons Francis Ochieng’ and Ibrahim Odhiambo, beat him up for two hours and left him for dead. Kirui said the bad blood between him and the family started after he won the heart of a woman Ochieng’ had shown interest in.

“The rivalry started when Malina Chemaswet rejected Ochieng’ and chose to marry me. Since then, the family has been after me,” testified Kirui. He said that on September 5, 2019, his wife called him while he was at a local pool bar and complained that Ochieng’ was bothering her. He said when he asked Ochieng’ why he was bothering Ms Chemaswet, a confrontation ensued.

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“Ochieng’ attacked me and after people in the playhouse separated us, he left the premises, warning that he was not done with me,” said Kirui. He said that as he was leaving the playhouse, he came face to face with Otieno, Ochieng’s father, who slapped and tried to strangle him.

The family members are in custody after failing to raise Sh100,000 bond.