Sauti Sol's Savara Mudigi with Yvonne Endo [Photo: Courtesy]

Sauti Sol’s Delvin Mudigi popularly known as Savara and his girlfriend Yvonne Endo have revealed the genesis of their love journey. The two were recently featured on the Sol Generation docu-series where they shared how they met. Yvonne revealed that the two met at a concert in Nairobi. According to her, Savara had initially introduced himself to her as a stripper. This baffled her but she pushed through the night.

“So, I met Savara at the African Nouveou Festival, I had gone there with my sister. It was almost time for me to leave when he introduced himself…He mentioned that he is a stripper and I was like, “Okay that’s really funny”… Then at the end of the night he asked for my number,” she said.

The two who recently made their relationship public, are believed to have started dating back in 2018 but at first, chose to keep it under wraps. Commenting on that specific night he met Yvonne, Savara who also doubles up as an actor and a DJ admitted that he was a bit tipsy when he spotted the lady he now describes as his rock and best friend.

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“Yvonne is my girl, my lover, my rock and my best friend so far. That day I spotted two beautiful ladies and because I was tipsy, I approached her and asked for her number. Surprisingly I don’t remember most of the conversation. Two days later I called Sean to ask for her number because I had not saved it,” he narrated.

Adding: “Now she has me under lock and key yet people tell me that we will eventually break up. Let’s leave it to God.” Savara recently revealed that he has completely changed his lifestyle and he’s now a vegetarian, adding that being physically fit is not all about having huge muscles.

“To be sincere, being physically fit is not about muscles. So, I had a mind shift and decided to become a vegetarian. I don’t eat meat, “said Savara.

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“My body was used to protein. So, I am still on the journey of being fit and perfecting my diet. Such that even though I am a vegetarian I am still getting in the same nutrients,” he added.

He further said that being an artiste and having to do numerous shows also requires a person to be physically fit.