He bought it for $3.6 million [Photo: Courtesy]

Forget mansions and super cars, the biggest stars in the world have their very own private island.

Johnny Depp 's Little Halls Pond Cay lies in the Bahamas, and is the most "pure and beautiful" place he's ever seen.

The stunning island covers 45 acres and has six beaches, a palm tree-lined lagoon and solar-powered houses.

It's reported he paid $3.6million for it back in 2004, which if you think about it, sounds like quite the bargain.

Speaking about his very own island paradise in 2009, he told Vanity Fair: "I don’t think I’d ever seen any place so pure and beautiful.

"You can feel your pulse rate drop about 20 beats. It's instant freedom."

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Johnny Depp owns his own private island [Photo: REUTERS]

The island is where Johnny and ex-wife Amber Heard reportedly held their wedding party following their intimate ceremony in Los Angeles in 2015.

The picturesque island boasts six sandy white beaches and is surrounded by clear blue water.

It was said at the time of the nuptials that Johnny wanted to repeat his vows in front of friends and family on the island.

He first saw Little Halls Pond Cay while he was filming Pirates Of The Caribbean.

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The island has been brought up during his libel hearing against The Sun at London's High Court, which started this week.

He said it's the most "pure and beautiful" place he's ever seen [Photo: One Shot Pix/FameFlynet.uk.com]

Johnny is suing the newspaper after he was labelled a "wife beater", accusations he has branded "sick and completely untrue".

Sasha Wass QC, barrister for News Group Newspapers (NGN) questioned Depp about August 2014, when he was detoxing on his private island.

Depp and Heard, who he divorced in 2017, were staying on one side of the island while his private doctor David Kipper and a nurse stayed on the other side.

Ms Wass said Heard sent a text to the medics asking for their help because while detoxing he was "so mad he pushed me and he asked me to get out".

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The lawyer asked if he had pushed Ms Heard.

It looks stunning [Photo: Splash News]

Depp said he was in pain from spasms and stomach cramps as he detoxed but he added: "I didn't push Miss Heard or attack her in anyway. I was not in a condition to do so.

"I'm suggesting her testimony is fabricated. It's part of the dossier she was compiling as an insurance policy."

Depp has claimed Heard deliberately withheld recovery medication during the detox process which he said was "one of the cruelest things" she has ever done.

But Ms Wass said he had later sent a text to Heard's mum hailing the actress as "amazing" for helping "this poor old junkie".

He praised her "heroism" and said without her efforts in helping him he may have killed himself.

Little Halls Pond Cay is in the Bahamas [Photo: Wenn]

Depp said he had sent the text so Heard's mum would think good things about her.

Ms Wass said Depp also texted Heard to say: "Thank you so much for getting me f**king clean baby."

In a report on Depp at the time, Dr Kipper questioned his desire to get clean.

The doctor said the actor "romanticised the idea of drug culture" and "has no accountability for his behaviour".

At the trial, Depp has previously referred to the time he was taking cocaine as his "Peruvian period" and claimed that Heard used it as an excuse to brand him a "monster".