Guardian Angel [Photo: Courtesy]

Popular gospel singer Audiphaxad Peter better known as Guardian Angel on July 1, 2020, took to Instagram to caution his fellow artists against the ‘dark’ music industry and its consequences.

In his post, Guardian Angel explained that the industry was demonic and asserted that, if not careful, many individuals might end up losing grit in the hunt for fame and fortune.

“I just discovered the industry is the most demonic in this world. If one is not careful you end up not raising a family, you end up with nothing and no one by your side because when you were famous you dint see the need to start a family.”

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Cautioning against over-dependence on ‘fake friends’, he advised his fellow musicians to take control of their lives and make worthwhile investments.

“You had so many (FAKE) friends around you. When you lose everything you remain alone, frustrated and depressed. Never allow the industry or whatever you do control your life.

"By the way wasanii niwaulize...? Pesa ya mziki inaendanga wapi? Nikama ya siasa unapata leo kesho hauna kitu na huoni kile umefanya. Music is a very good career but it is like a gun, it can shoot even the owner,” he said.

Guardian Angel [Photo: Courtesy]


Guardian Angels advice comes hardly a month after Kenyan songstress Vivian shared similar sentiments.

According to the Chingi Changa crooner, the entertainment industry is a demonic entity that consists of hate and hypocrisy, a factor driving most celebrities to depression and substance abuse.

“I love to make music but the pressure and the hypocrisy will drive you into depression or substance abuse that’s for sure. In my own capacity as Vivian the lack of truth and lack of love that is characteristic in our entertainment system is demonic,” she wrote.

The singer called upon fellow celebrities to be their brother’s keepers who to support each other’s hustle.  

“And if nothing else gets heard I’d like to appeal especially to my female counterparts in entertainment to extend grace to one another and be ambassadors of truth and love. I’m definitely not perfect at it but I try and also share my truth,” shared Vivian.

Vanessa Mdee [Photo: Courtesy]

Vanessa Mdee

Vivian seems to have borrowed a leaf from Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee who dismissed the music industry as demonic leading her to give up her music career.

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Speaking in one of her podcasts, the award-winning singer revealed that she was at some point depressed and at the brink of becoming an alcoholic but chose to give up singing to save her life.

“The reason why I had to leave the industry is that I needed to choose my life, the music industry is demonic. People will tell you half-truth about what really goes on, and the truth is I just wanna be an advocate for honesty and beauty and being a sincere advocate for what facing your demons can do for you,” she said.