A few weeks ago, Kenyan Singer Jovial revealed she was unexpectedly dropped by her boss, Otile Brown under circumstances she claims are best left unspoken of.

Rumours have it that the undeniable music and online chemistry Jovial and Otile had must have played a factor in her dismissal as Otile’s girlfriend Nabbi wasn’t pleased.

Clarifying the issue during an interview on Milele FM, jovial rubbished the rumours saying she has nothing against Nabbi.

 Jovial (Photo: Instagram)

 “I’ve always been in good terms with her (Nabbi). Alafu mimi ni mtu wa kuongea, I’m a very social and very jovial and since day one during the shoot of ‘Amor’ we talked like old friends. I’m a very easy person,” he said.

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 I dont mix business with pleaseure (Photo: Instagram)

“I want people to understand that I was signed because of work, si mambo ya mapenzi, kulikuwa na speculations mob ati sijui tunadate no! I don’t like mixing business and pleasure because what got me the contract ni kazi. People have opinions and we cannot stop them but sisi ndio tunajua ukweli,” Jovial concluded.

Jovial is now riding as a solo artist and has recently released a song dubbed Deejay which has gotten a good reception by her fans.

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