The Chancellor block (Photo: Phillip Orwa)

A memo from Mount Kenya University (MKU) to students demanding that they dress appropriately within the university's premises has been blown out of proportion on social media.

This is according to MKU Dean of Students Emmanuel Oduor who, on phone with SDE, explained that the July 24 circular was extracted from the institution’s guidebook to students.

A guidebook he said each student joining the university was familiarised with during orientation.

Oduor reiterated that each institution or facet of society is governed by rules and insisted that he expects the students to adhere to the regulations.

He noted that though widely circulated on social media, it was not new.

“The regulations are in the student handbook. It was just extracted by our associate dean in Nairobi. It is nothing new. You cannot dress the way you want. For example, each faculty in the university has its way of dressing i.e. nurses and those in hospitality for their practicals and classes etc. It is common sense. You cannot put on swimming costume in the streets of Nairobi,” said Oduor.

The memo warning students against wearing clothes “revealing private body parts,” said defiance of the rules three times will result in disciplinary action.

"Persons dressed in clothes/pants revealing private body parts will be denied access into the university premises and will be required to go back and dress decently.

“Ladies should not wear see-through clothing, bare-backs, crop tops, cleavage-baring attire or micro-minis within the university's premises.

“Students are not to wear caps or hats during lectures, in the library, laboratory or when addressing members of staff. Male students are also expected to have well-groomed hair.

“Students who defy the new rules will be given a warning. Three warnings will land one before a disciplinary committee,” the memo read.

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