Brian Otieno, Fine Arts Photographer. [Photo: Courtesy]

If Brian Otieno were to get one curse each time he sees a naked woman, he would be a social write off. He has seen hundreds of them stark naked for more than five years; because this is what he does for a living.

Otieno describes what he does as ‘Fine Arts Nude photography’ in an attempt to dispel the aforementioned ‘taboo’.

“Many people think it’s unspeakable to entertain nudity, that is why I decided to do it artistically to change perceptions and love the bodies we live in,” said the 25-year-old.

Even though he pursued Psychology at University, Otieno has been doing this to supplement other genres of camerawork after developing an interest in understanding the human body.

The photographer, however, points out that he must do due diligence before models drop all their clothes for him.

Apart from insisting on an Identity Card, “We must sign a release form with clients where we agree on certain issues including sharing photos on social platforms; then we agree on the idea of the shoot and the date,” he said.

Most of his female clients are aged between 22- 26. Then there are the mature group of 30 and above who are very expressive about what they want.

Otieno’s first time to be locked in the studio with a naked woman was, he says: “A bit challenging. In fact, I was uncomfortable but after a few shots I got used to it.”

 Otieno describes what he does as ‘Fine Arts Nude photography’ [Photo: Courtesy]

He adds, “Even though it is said that men lose interest in women after seeing hundreds of them stark naked, the only thing that comes to my mind during the shoot is how these women are expressing themselves.”

Otieno says while some clients prefer undressing in his presence, others like being left alone to strip before shoots.

For Sh15,000, clients get naked shots without any artwork, explains the photographer.

“Other clients prefer artwork; which calls for a make-up artist, and in such cases, they pay Sh35,000 because it falls under the half day shoot,” he told CityBiz

The artistic bit includes painting clients with different shades, tactfully holding transparent clothes to cover some areas and even planting attractive flowers in shaved privates parts to make them appealing.

The photographer says, during the business hour, a lot of things ought to be observed including tone and language. One must also refrain from touching clients.

“Most women prefer full body shots and not necessarily their faces, that way I’m allowed to capture the beauty of one’s body from all angels, he said. “In a month I do around three naked shoots. Men are not much into this sort of art,” he explains.

Brian’s hustle was initially not received well by family and friends but with time he claims they have accepted and moved on.

“I think my psychology training has assisted me in terms of handling clients,” he said.

So far, satisfied clients have done a good job marketing his work through word of mouth.

In the near future, Otieno plans to establish a modern studio.