Monique with her hubby (Courtesy)

Following in the footsteps of many celebrity mothers who value and treasure the final moments before arrival of their babies, Monique Bett has not been left behind in this wave of baby bump photo shoots that has captured many.

Without breaking the bank or doing ground breaking maneuvers to outdo her fellow mothers, the Ebru TV Let's Talk show host kept it simple and classy.

Rocking pastels during the shoot, there was a strong indication that the mother of one was expecting a baby girl.

“Being surrounded by overwhelming love and giving love is true beauty ... Gratitude on 200%,” she captioned one of her photos.

Well, turns out the hint she gave was true.

Monique with husband Richard Bett are the new parents in town to baby Zara.

Excited about her new bundle of joy, the pretty media personality took to her social media to break the good news introducing the little one to the world for the first time.

“Zara Chemutai Bett! You're so beautiful. Your dad/Super dad is the happiest man in the world and your super awesome sister Aiko can't wait to see you!!! We have no words to say how much we love you God be praised,” she wrote.

Monique and Richard have been serving us some serious marriage goals since they got married in 2016.

They are blessed with a beautiful three year old daughter by the name Aiko Bett.