International Christian Church (ICC) in Imara Daima has built, not one, but two football pitches on top of its school complex. These pitches are not just ordinary level playgrounds, but are built according to international standards; with all the necessary amenities found in normal international stadia.

The rare project at the ICC Imara Daima campus in Nairobi has attracted many people to the compound.

“We receive many visitors each day who come to use the facilities and others just to see the fields. This project has attracted many people to this centre,” says Reverend Julius Wainaina, the resident pastor.

The innovative football fields on the church complex roof were initiated by the church through Ambassadors Football Training Centre, a programme that seeks to empower those who are talented in sports by offering training and playing facilities in partnership with Kenya Assemblies of God. According to the senior pastor of the church, Reverend Julius Wainaina, the programme was officially launched on September 2, 2018. The fields, which are available for use by interested parties all day long, are well lit and have the necessary world-class amenities.

According to the pastor, the fields are fully booked all week long, except on Sundays when the facility is closed from public access to allow for the church services to proceed without interruption. Individuals, families and teams from the neighbourhood and those coming from various parts of Kenya throng the centre for training, tournaments, birthday parties, outdoor activities and games, team building, wedding photos and other activities.

The fields are usually rented per package deals which cost between Sh10,000 and Sh20,000 per day, or Sh3,000 per hour depending on an event. “The returns from the fields are quite promising,” pastor Wainaina revealed.

The unique idea was hatched by the church as one of the ways to use the limited space available to serve the public.

The Kenya Assemblies of God general superintendent who is also a partner in the programme and oversaw the launching of the fields, reiterated that the importance of the sports initiatives by the Ambassadors Football Training Centre is to transform lives.

“Our vision is to invest in value, character and talents for the next generation through using creative ways of outreach to connect people to God and to themselves through the means that they well understand.”

International Christian Church;Imara Daima