Couple relaxing in bed

It looks like DJ Khaled isn’t the only schmuck who balks at performing oral sex on a woman. A friend of mine came asked what to do about her boyfriend of two years who refuses to go down on her. My answer; throw the whole man away! This is not the 1800s. We are no longer letting men get away with being lazy and self-serving in the bedroom.

Honestly, ladies, if your man refuses to go down on you, the only thing to do is find yourself another man. There is no two ways about it. There is no man worth dating that doesn’t go down on his woman, period!

The thing that irks me the most is these men who brush off going down on a woman are the same ones who maintain that oral sex for a man is a prerequisite for sex. It is ridiculous that men apply this double standard when it comes to oral sex. Let me tell you why I take such an issue with this two set of rules. Men don’t need oral sex to climax. Considering the fact that most guys are two-minute men, women need oral sex to climax.

To be quite honest, the only reason the orgasm gap still exists is because of these selfish men. We have already established that your joysticks aren’t doing much for us, so you would think that the least you could do is try to please us in other ways, yet you have the audacity to hold out on giving oral? Unacceptable!

It irks me even more when the excuse they give for not doing so is that ‘vaginas are gross and disgusting’. And you think a penis is any better? Contrary to what porn may have you believing, servicing a man orally isn’t exactly a treat for women. Ding dongs are not any more hygienic or fun for that matter to have in a mouth. You think they call it a job for nothing? It is physically demanding and not pleasant at all. Besides, having to put up with weird smells and tastes, you have to fight gag reflex and some serious jaw pain.

But we do it anyway because you like it.

It’s not fair to women that we are always going down on men despite it not being any fun for us, just to make them happy. But when we ask the same of men, they act like we are asking for too much. All we are asking for is basic sexual reciprocity. Bottom line, if he is not giving any, he shouldn’t be getting any. If a man refuses to go down on you and for whatever reason you still want to have sex with him, oral sex for him should be off the table too.

Oral sex is a two-way street. We are not here for your sexual pleasure only. Given the fact that men don’t need oral sex to orgasm and most women do, things should be the other way round. Going down on a woman should be mandatory in the bedroom, while giving blowjobs should be reserved for days when we are feeling particularly generous. It doesn’t matter if men don’t like it, they should do it anyway.

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