Wema Sepetu [Photo: Courtesy]

Former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu has not given up hope of getting pregnant. The bongo actress is reportedly in India in search of a fertility treatment.

While her visit to the Asian continent was shrouded in secrecy, the cat was out of the bag after her mother Mariam Sepetu broke the news when she represented her in court.

Mariam told the Dar es Salaam court that her daughter Wema, who is facing a drug-related charge, could not attend the court proceedings because she was in India.

Wema’s mother had to produce travel documents to prove her explanation after state prosecutor Constantine Kakula inquired why the actress was not physically present in court.

Kakula expressed doubts on Mariam’s revelation, saying there was no evidence to prove that Wema was unwell.

Thomas Simba, the sitting judge, said that the travel documents did not prove hospitalization ordering Mariam to ensure her daughter is in court on June 13, when the case will be heard.

An undisclosed source close to the family confirmed that she was to undergo surgery.  

“Wema really desires to be a mother. She hasn’t given up on that quest. She has travelled to India to receive fertility treatment. I understand she will undergo a surgical operation,’’ the insider told Global Publishers.

Her manager Neema Ndepanya, however refuted the claims stating that Wema was in India for another treatment.

What I know is that Wema is in India for treatment of abdominal pains and nothing else,” said Ndepanya.

Wema Sepetu is facing bhang-possession charge, which has been in court since February 2017.