Who is responsible? [Photo: Courtesy]

I am engaged to this guy I love. Unfortunately, I slept with a married man a day after sexing bae and I have missed my period.

I love my boyfriend but this other man works in a county and is so loaded and generous. Whom should I say is the father of the baby? Flo

Dear Flo,

Here is the deal. Call the married guy and tell him you are pregnant. Chances are he will scream, “What?” like you two were playing marbles when he was panting on top of you.

But don’t let that frighten you. If he becomes clever, dump that baby at his house after kicking a major ruckus. If he throws you out, get a lawyer. They all act tough until you drag them to the Children’s Court.

Who knows, his wife could leave him because of that scandal and you’ll move into her bed.

There is also a likelihood that the bugger will insist on a DNA test. Big deal! If the results suggest he is not the father, tell him to deal with it.

Everything in this country is fake. We have fake title deeds, fake exam results, fake university certificates, fake pastors, fake money, fake boobs...fake everything.

Most of the time, we don’t even know who wins elections. So why should he cause if the child is not his? A baby is a very small thing