Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru during an interview at her residence in Kitusuru [Photo:Boniface Okendo]

In 2016 the then Cabinet Secretary of Devolution and Planning Anne Waiguru shocked students of Nairobi University after she revealed she was paid Sh6, 000 on her first job.

Waiguru who was delivering a speech to the students, encouraged them to enter the job market without money in mind.

Everyone has to start from somewhere. Youths should pursue opportunities and even do volunteer work in society,” she said, adding that she started as a volunteer in church before getting her first job.

“I was being paid Sh6, 000 which doubled to Sh12, 000 gradually. It was little money then because I had friends who were being paid a lot more,” she said, citing hard work and determination as the secrets of her success.

I have never had anyone make a call for me to get a job. Not even for CS,” she said.

Waiguru revealed that her 19- year-old-son started an IT business without her help.

 “I encouraged him to start doing something instead of sitting in the house and watching TV. Before I knew it, he had organised an IT forum and he did not let me talk at the event,” she said.

She is the currently the Governor of Kirinyaga County.