• These are women who think no man is worthy of her
  • They have a hard time sustaining relationships
  • They are superficial and care only about looks

Have you ever met a girl who had it in her mind that she is God’s gift to mankind? I have! Last week, I had a conversation with a lady who seemed to think no man is worthy of her. I have always argued for women to set standards and not settle for less than they deserve in any aspect of their lives, but there is a fine line between having standards and having a princess mentality. The princess mentality, also known as the Princess Syndrome, is when a girl thinks she is too good for anybody and has unrealistic expectations of the men she dates and the people around her in general. She expects everybody to bend over backwards to please her. The princess mentality is well and alive in Kenya. Here are a few signs that a girl suffers from the princess mentality.

She is arrogant and opinionated

Women suffering from the princess syndrome have hard time sustaining healthy relationships with other people because of their excessive need for self-importance. A lot of people mistake arrogance for confidence. A high level of confidence and self-esteem is attractive, but when it becomes arrogance, it can put people off. Women with princess mentality appear too confident. They believe they can never be wrong and are overly critical of people who don’t buy into their views.

She is materialistic

A woman with the princess mentality loves luxury and comfort and believes that the men she dates owes it to her. She believes she deserves the best of everything and demands expensive gifts and lavish dates. These are the women who ordinarily drink cheap beer when they are out on their own, but insist they can only drink top-shelf alcohol brands when out on a date. They will only appear loving towards you when they want something from you. They have a tendency to under-appreciate gifts and gestures that don’t involve a lot of money.

 She is obsessed with her appearance

To a woman suffering from princess mentality, looking good is the ultimate goal in life. This woman will go to great lengths to conform to societal standards of beauty. This means always sporting perfect hair and make-up, whether she is going to a party or to the supermarket. There is nothing wrong with taking care of your appearance. Looks are important, but beauty isn’t the be-all and end-all for human existence. The desire to look beautiful should never take priority over everyone and everything else in life.

She is superficial

Some girls think being shallow is cute. It is not! Superficial girls only care about themselves, and what happens in and around their life. You cannot engage a superficial girl in a meaningful conversation. The only topic she is conversant with is gossip. When she is not gossiping, she is talking about herself or complaining about others. This type of woman strives to be the envy of her friends and acquaintances. She only feels fulfilled when she is the centre of attention.