Bebe Cool and his wife


  • Ugandan artist Bebe Cool has welcomed baby girl with
  • Bebe’s wife Zuena gave birth to a baby girl Eman at 4.40 a.m.
  • In total, Bebe has six children, 5 with Zuena and one with another woman

During a TV interview in August, the Ugandan artist revealed that he wanted seven children and his wife made no protest of his outrageous request.

Seems like his dream will be coming true after he welcomed a new member to his family yesterday night.

The ‘One More Touch’ hitmaker welcomed baby girl Eman at 4.40 a.m. Excited, he took to his social media and broke the news via his Facebook.

“And finally this morning at 4:40, Allah has blessed our family with a bouncing baby girl and she will be called EMAN.

“Thanks for all your prayers as both mom and daughter are well.Alhamdulillah.’’ He posted.

Together with his wife Zuena the couple have four other children with his sons named after his favorite team, Arsenal football players.

The singer’s sons are Allan Hendrick Ssali, Caysan Ssali, Alpha Thierry Ssali and Deen Ozil Ssali. His daughters are Beata Ssali and now the newborn girl. In total, Bebe has six children.

Five with Zuena and one with another woman.