1. It will make you go mad- marijuana contains THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol) a chemical compound that alternates how the brain works and might worsen any brain conditions.

2. Difficulties to baby's development before and after birth- cannabis intake during pregnancy is associated with growth limitation of the fetus and also can lead to miscarriage.

3. Decreased or increased appetite- the THC compound present in marijuana is proved that it directly affects food enjoyment.

4. It will worsen your diabetic and condition- according to livescience.com, 40 percent of people aged between 16-25 can develop pre-diabetic conditions.

5. Causes Tuberculosis- according to a report from Washington, Seattle 2004 there was an outbreak of tuberculosis due to victims repeatedly smoking marijuana inside closed cars resulting to inhale exhaled smoke fuel transmissions.

6. You will become shabby and unkempt- due to dependency and tolerance, cannabis users tend to neglect personal hygiene due to low life satisfaction and lackness of motivation.

7. You will become an addict- people with personality issues, high stress levels and depression develop cannabis dependence. Soon you will be hooked to muguka,miraa(khat),cigarette smoking, alcohol, mandrax, kuber and possibly cocaine, heroine and meth.

8. Individuals who have used marijuana for long periods have accepted they incorporated other drugs to prolong the 'High' effect.

9. It is possible to quit- quitting marijuana use is possible since it is about self acceptance and overcoming the withdrawal symptoms.

10. It weakens your memory- usage of marijuana during adolescence is associated with lower IQ.

11. You will have mood swings.

12. Temporary hallucinations-users who take a lot of marijuana undergo severe psychosis like hallucination and delusions.

13. Suicides- due psychiatric effects caused by marijuana, adolescents have experienced suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide among adults.