After a viral social media post alleging that Jaguar’s vehicle had hit and killed two young men, the singer has come out to clear the air.

Jaguar took to his social media accounts to admit that some of the allegations were true.

“It is with grief that I share this post today. As it is now public, I was involved in a car accident. Sadly, lives were lost in the incident,” he said.

However according to the anonymous tipster, a woman was driving Jaguar's car and not the singer himself. The post alleges that the woman who was driving towards Makutano from Sagana did not wait for her lane to be cleared due to construction and that in the process of bypassing the other cars, hit the oncoming bike.

The two young men allegedly died on the spot.

The singer arrived at the scene and claimed he was the one driving the car. It was later towed to Sagana police station.

Jaguar has however dismissed the witness account and insisted he was driving the vehicle.

He sent his heartfelt condolences to the families and friends affected and assured them that due process of the law is being followed to solve this amicably.

The singer also warned the public against confrontational remarks in consideration of the pain it is causing the bereaved families.