Besides a certain dangling appendage of their anatomy, men have nothing to show for their masculinity   Photo:Courtesy

I cannot really wrap my mind around this. Is this really what revolution is? How else would you explain why in today’s world, women are changing car tyres and fixing bulbs, while men are sitting around, eating junk and betting?

Men are no longer manly. Besides a certain dangling appendage of their anatomy, they have nothing to show for their masculinity. Our fathers brought smiles to the faces of the gods because they embodied everything that was manly. They were responsible, hardworking and not complacent. They commanded respect from their peers, families and elders. They got it because they earned it.

They would do anything to provide for their families, but were not swayed by shortcuts and ‘easy-come’ schemes. But these sissy men of today have weak spines and are nauseating. That is why you’ll find a thirty-year-old man still in his mother’s house, using change left for mboga to buy cheap boxers and smuggle spoilt brats in the name of girlfriends into his parent’s crib. During our fathers’ days, a thirty-year-old man would have two wives worshipping him like a god as the products of his loins frolic in the compound. He would have a full granary, expansive land and enough head of cattle to his name.

In the new millennium, most of these men own nothing tangible, save for a string of babies with different women that he cannot even remember. That is why they frequent cougar websites looking for vulnerable sugar mamas to fleece.

You know we went wrong and need to face Mount Kenya for cleansing when you find men addicted to ‘kuku porno.’ They feed on this junk daily and grow big in all the wrong places. The result is a generation of lazy men. Men who are too lazy to even think.

And oh, how petty men have become! All you need is go to social media to witness their abusive rants and meaningless posts targeted at women. They pick on women because they feel they (women) are weak. You know what? It’s the insecure and people with low self-esteem who would want to prop their egos by attacking those they perceive to be weak.

While our fathers quaffed traditional brew and still managed to be men, the modern man shamelessly sits his fat behind on a bar stool and orders for those fruit-flavoured girly drinks, then still throws up like a bewitched person. They even pee on themselves or start groping and fondling anything that moves. The only time our fathers got drunk and loud was when they needed to air out a burning issue that they otherwise could not say when sober.

For instance, if they suspected that one of their children looked like the village hunter, they’d drink then confront the wife to explain why Onyango’s ears looked like those of Okinyi, the hunter.

Then there is this clique of men who call themselves metrosexuals or something as silly as that. The feminine traits in them are worrying. The ear-piercings manicures and love for long sensual massages and facials are more than just worrying. Kaa ngumu, paka petroleum jelly and get moving like a real man!

The modern man is demanding, self-centred and judgemental. He is vindictive and likes lording it over those he considers to be beneath him. That is why these men shy away from the institution of marriage or expect to live with angels and not normal women. Our grandmothers and mothers were not perfect, but our grandfathers and fathers lived with them. Our fathers did not spend school fees on bets, nor did they while away their time in pubs with boys ogling at random women.

I could write a book just trying to compare the shortfalls of today’s men with the achievements of the men of days gone by. If you are a deadbeat father, an irresponsible husband, an abusive man, a gigolo, a toy boy, or a loud-mouthed man with nothing to show for his claim to manhood, you are a weakling.

As women, we are ashamed of the men you have turned out to be. Before you throw modern women under the bus of disapproval for crimes like wearing weaves, nagging and inability to be domestic... blah, blah, blah, remove the logs in your eyes first. Only then will you clearly see the specks in our eyes.


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