Singer Nazizi releases new video

Nazizi is pulling a comeback and to cheer up her fans she has released the video to 254 her latest single off her Evo-lussion EP. The video is an average clip shot in different hoods within Nairobi with an aim to commensurate with the lyrics in the song that basically narrates city’s hoods and its legends.

Noticeable is that the hoods captured in the clip does not do justice, the scenes capture very little in terms of hoods representation with some of the images seemly repeated and too fast with unstable shots.

The entire video portrays Nazizi as a tomboy; her lyrical prowess in the clip is remarkable. Her rhymes blend in well with the graffiti walls and the extras in the clips also helps to bring out the hip pop feel in the clip.

Prezzo makes an appearance in the video, alongside Sappy. The special video effects used in the video, the camera positioning, editing and mastering of the entire video is fair.