When it comes to social media, you could be shining one minute and your name being dragged in the mud in the next.

Unfortunately, this has happened to many of our celebrities not to mention international ones. One victim who has even gone as far as to abandon her social media pages is Vera Sidika. Many have already concluded that she is ashamed of her new look and prefers to hide in the shadows until recent photos of her surfaced. Vera has done it all from ‘skin lightening to breast implants and Kenyans are out to tell her, “we told you so”.

Vera isn’t the only one whose experience has gone wrong. Here are some other celebrities who took it a bit too far.

Lil Kim- She was a cute black girl back in the 90’s when she stepped into the music scene but looks like a Chinese woman now with super-sized cheeks and skin looking lighter with every public appearance.

Latoya Jackson- She is one of  theJackson sisters and she, I can say, went a tad too far. From a beautiful lady to a woman with an expressionless face and a petite nose, she has definitely brought a new kind of ugly to the word.

Vybz Kartel- The Jamaican singer wanted a new look and did not shy away from bleaching his skin and celebrates it. He openly introduced himself in interviews saying he does not have a problem with black people bleaching.

These are just a few of the many celebrities who have taken their looks into their own hands but did they really have to? Is it worth it? Do they feel more accepted in the society?? What more can they do but to live with it.