Hey-z shall be the first "condom ambassador" in the gospel industry

Abstinence is a virtue that has been preached about for ages, but modern trends and lifestyles seem to have rubbished the campaign deeming it all talk and no action.

Despite all the preaching happening around, and assumptions that youths are heeding to the advice offered, gospel artiste Hey-z, famous for the song “Bado nasonga” and “Kila Kitu” decided to take matters in his own hands and push the campaign further.

To affirm his new mission, Daniel Heho a.k.a Hey-z even quoted Romans 12: 2 (Do not conform to the pattern of this world…Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is)

Hey-z who besides doing music business is a manager (at the On-the-go garage) was approached by the Company 69 condom factory to be their brand ambassador.

 “I know a few youths who openly admit to practicing sex but I wish to urge and encourage them to be safe while at it.” Hey-z told SDE.

Seeing as not many artistes would like to be involved in “sexual matters” Hey-z seems ready to take the risk and bring about change in regards to “sexual awareness and education”.

He was also quick to add that he is willing to use his music as part of the campaigns in the hope that it shall make a bigger impact.

As it is we can only wait to see how well gospel music will work in a condom advert.