Dr. Joyce Ngugi’s Palatial Haven. (Courtesy)

The mansion exudes timeless elegance. With outstanding architecture and breathtaking vistas, the home is nothing short of luxurious. The mansion is cocooned in a secured community. The parking lot has several parking slots, and a Chihuahua is sniffing around, barking with curiosity.

Behind the house is a beautifully manicured garden, there is no doubt that this space is owned by former Kiambu Deputy Governor Joyce Ngugi.

The door to the main house is a masterpiece made of mahogany. It is adorned with bronze decorations. It is majestic and gives you an idea of what to expect inside the home.

As Dr Ngugi ushers me into her home, slightly nervous, I ask how big her mansion is, and she responds: “It is big, but not so big. Just enough for us.” She is just being modest, this does not ring quite true given that the house is quite huge, I think to myself.

The entrance doubles as a holding area. She shares that, as a community leader, so many people come to her home for advice and other services. Plush orange leather sofas stand out, as does the iconic art piece on the wall.


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She explains that it was a gift for her late husband to show appreciation for his contribution to supporting the youth. I am captivated by a picture of her young family with former President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenya’s current Head of State Dr William Ruto. It is a striking and moving photo, given that it was taken during her late husband’s burial.

A souvenir display cabinet is filled with mementoes from her travels – she is as much a globetrotter as she is a scholar. When I ask about her favourite destination, she responds: “Dubai and South Africa.”

The living room is enormous and classy. The wooden mahogany floor, huge windows, thick beige luxurious curtains, gypsum ceiling, and two elegant white gypsum columns partition and elevate the dining area. The crystal ceiling light gives the living room a warm glow and echoes luxury.

Dr Ngugi did her home’s décor. The superior workmanship of the beige leather sofas and chesterfield seats in insight express a consistent ideal blend of class and affluence.

A beige rug, black glass tables, coloured and patterned cushions, and glass entertainment wall unit with interesting accessories embody the owner of the home and the position she holds in society.

In the living room is yet another holding area, but this one is private and partitioned by glass. One can hardly tell it exists. Thick beige curtains hide the VIP deluxe lounge room. Maroon leather chairs feature in this lounge.

An orange-themed glamourous light fixture matches the curtains in the room, which also holds a stunning art piece gifted to her for supporting the youth in her community. She tells me that if wazee want to have a private meeting “we hold it here or we open it up if need be.”

Her kitchen is exquisite. The island and minimalistic style blows me away. Flat panel fitted apple-green cabinets and fitted appliances give the kitchen a flawless, sleek, and uncomplicated visual. Dr Ngugi shares that she built the home, which was a very tedious experience. “One needs to make sure you have enough money to complete your project. Have trustworthy project managers – it will save you money.”

Her dining area is adorned with a mahogany table and dining chairs upholstered in floral print and intricate design. She holds my hand and we climb the stairs. The grill gate to secure their privacy and security, and the crystal chandelier are showstoppers. Her TV room is cosy and unique. Velvet sofas are covered with Maasai shukas. “This is where I meet with my boys every evening and they take my phones away so that we can bond,” she says.

“Did you have all this while you were growing up?” I ask. “I used to walk to school barefoot. My mother parented us singlehandedly, she struggled to bring us up. I worked so hard to be where I am today,” she says. The scholar and deputy governor has achieved so much. She truly is an enigma.

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