DJ Kaytrixx perfoming at a previous gig

By Geoffrey Korio

Unlike yesteryears, deejays are among the most paid entertainers in Kenya. Besides, they run the show in a field where their demand is becoming overwhelming by the day. But just who is taking the big cash home?  

Joe Mfalme

He is a mix master by profession and one of Africa’s most sought after deejay. He charges $1,500 (Sh127, 500) to $2,000 (Sh170, 000) for regional and international tours, Sh40,000 to Sh50,000 for club gigs, a minimum of Sh50,000 for special occasions and as for colleges and universities shows, you might cough up Sh60,000 to Sh70,000 to get the party going.  

Sammy Muraya aka DJ Mo

The 2013 Groove Award Deejay of the Year winner charges Sh100,000 to Sh150,000 per corporate event and Sh70,000 to Sh100,000 for colleges and universities events. His regional and international tours go for (Sh127, 500) to $2,000 (Sh170, 000) per show and Sh50,000 onwards for special occasions like weddings depending on the specific demands that the bride and groom have.


Known as the king of matatu mixes, deejay Kalonje, has a quotation of Sh250,000 to Sh350,000 for corporate events, Sh100,000 to Sh150,000 for campus parties, Sh50,000 to Sh70,000 for club gigs within Nairobi and Sh80,000 onwards outside Nairobi with all other expenses paid for. For out of the country tours, he charges $2000 (Sh170, 000), all other expenses paid. 


Known for Homeboyz Radio and Homegrown TV shows, deejay Hassan charges above Sh100,000 for corporate gigs, Sh55,000 to Sh60,000 for campus parties, $1500 for tours exclusive of travel and other expenses, Sh50,000 for club gigs per night in Nairobi and above that for any outside Nairobi. While he rarely does special occasions he charges Sh60,000. Take note that this is only deejay service, exclusive of costs if he provides sound equipment.

Kriss Darlin

Known for his dancehall and reggae mixes, Dohty Family leader Kriss Darlin, charges ‘enough’. This depends on the event and place of performance. However, on the general quotation matters he doesn’t disclose such.

“I don’t disclose that, it’s between the client and I,” he says.  


If you are seeking the services of decksman Hypnotic, be ready to cough up Sh150,000 and above for corporate gigs, Sh30,000 onwards for club gigs, Sh50,000 for campus parties and depending on the country, the tour charges are a minimum $2000. 


Known for her versatility, Peirra’s spinning services depend on the client and how much she believes in the event.

 “I charge a minimum of Sh30,000 for club gigs and a Sh180,000 minimum for concerts; that is for a maximum of a four hour show. But all this is dependent on the client,” she says.

 “For a full performance with my band the cost is way higher,” she adds.

DJ Delph

He is Mombasa’s finest veejay and one of the few Kenyan deejays to spin in major concerts in Europe. Delph says his charges vary depending on the demand placed on him by his client.

“I can’t quite disclose all that but I have a standard rate packaged for different assignments; from club deejay, corporate gigs to oversees tours,” he says.

The likes of Deejay Kaytrixx (now the official deejay for the Safaricom Live tour), DJ Define and Protégé cannot disclose their quotations citing personal, security and family reasons respectively.