Esther Wamuyu Macharia and Charles Nyachae

Charles Nyachae was taking his new position in Arusha, Tanzania and left his brief to his lawyer Danstan Omari who busted Esther Wamuyu Macharia's inflating her daughter’s school fees from Sh26,000 to Sh40,000 in May, 2018.

Wamuyu had sent a copy of the doctored document prompting Omari to counter check with the school in Kasarani, Nairobi.

When asked about it Wamuyu retorted “I needed money for her new uniforms, look at it from both sides, I got to feed, rent and cater for school fees with this amount that is 30,000 per month.”

Having not paid school fees Wamuyu claims her daughter’s studies were terminated until further notice.

Here is the partial conversation between Omari and Wamuyu.

Omari: As agreed yesterday, that I’m the only contact to my client, I’m proposing that we have a meeting at 2pm at Laico Regency today to formalise our agreement.

Wamuyu: If I don’t tell you my situation you might not understand where I come from and my agony, close a good deal by next week since I had told my parents about next week…100-80k.

Omari: I get you.

Wamuyu: I just decided to take your offer and now there is a battle about the child who is innocent, I hope by Friday you would have talked to him and decided to send that…

Omari: My sister, I told you to stop sending messages to my client, you will only deal with me. The more we continue, the more we demand you take your fights to the media of court. If you don’t stop I will have to stop you by using legal means on Tuesday cc my client.

Wamuyu: I can’t understand since you were to mediate this this on financial basis, use all means possible to stop me from talking to your client blood is thicker than water.

Omari: You should seek legal advice and be told that all communication to him are through me. And I have advised him properly on what the law says. So don’t expect any response. The more you persist, it will be an offence called sending offensive text messages. Please talk to your lawyer to advise you well.

Wamuyu: I’m angry because you people don’t seem to communicate, I’ve just told your client that he is taking too long to solve this whole issue yet that amount of money that I’m setting is for reasonable course.

Omari: The law says you either go to court or we agree. You refused your first offer. For the last time, come see me on Wednesday 3pm, if we don’t settle about it cc client…if you send him another text from now count that you are alone in it and we shall not negotiate cc client.

Wamuyu: Hey, you just see to it that he sends upkeep and school fees, if I keep on meeting you yet he doesn’t want to add upkeep from 20 to 35K, why should I avail myself. School fees is 40K.

Omari: If you think meeting me is a waste of time, then don’t accept any money. We must enter into written agreement with clear terms, Friday you came at 7:30pm to see me, I told you to come today and you have opted not to. Sawa.

Wamuyu: I barely understand what is there to write yet years ago we had not written anything on that upkeep. In this written document, what does she gain from him. Maybe his silence and Sh25K?

Omari: I will not engage you any further; let’s engage in court…I just told you we are ready for your battle Royale.

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